indie alternative punk rock Australian Music.

For people who were there, somewhere between 1975 and 1984, or those who have rediscovered this era of great music.


"a Selection"
Acrylic Chewies
Adelaide punk
Apartments / Peter Walsh
Chris Bailey
Beasts Of Bourbon
Birthday Party
Bleeding Hearts
Box Of Fish
Boys Next Door
Brisbane alternative
Cub Callaway
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Celibate Rifles
David Chesworth
Club Ska
Cold Chisel
"Composite Signals" soundtrack
Comrades Of War
Corpse Grinders
**** **** (Cough Cough)
Crime & the City Solution
Cruel Sea
Dead Can Dance
Tex Deadly & the Dum Dums
Died Pretty
"Distant Violins"
Do Re Mi
"Dogs In Space"
Dorian Gray
Dresden War Crimes
Drop Bears
Dynamic Hepnotics
Eastern Dark
The End
Equal Local
Essendon Airport
Farriss Brothers
Fast Cars
Fast Forward
Flaming Hands
James Freud & the Radio Stars
Frontier Scouts
Fun Things
James Griffin
Grong Grong
"Growing Pains"
Hard Ons
Hoi Polloi
Hoodoo Gurus
Rowland S. Howard
Hugo Klang
Hunters & Collectors
Immaculate Consumptive
JFK & the Cuban Crisis
Jimmy & the Boys
The Johnnys
Paul Kelly & the Dots
Paul Kelly & the Coloured Girls
Kids In The Kitchen
Kill The King
The Kingbees
Ed Kuepper
La Femme
La Fetts
Last Words
Laughing Clowns
Laughing Hands
"Leaving Home For A Party On The Roof"
The (Fucken) Leftovers
"Lethal Weapons"
Lighthouse Keepers
Peter Lillie
Lime Spiders
The Limp
Lipstick Killers
'little bands'
Little Murders
Lonely Hearts
Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast
Matt Finish
Mental As Anything
Meo 245
Metal Mercenaries
Midnight Oil
Missing Link
Mustard Club
"Mysterious Kitchens"
New Christs
New Race
No Nonsense
The Nothing
Once Upon A Time
"One Stop Shopping"
Orchestra Of Skin & Bone
"Oz New Wave" Melbourne 1978
"Paths Of Pain"
Pel Mel
Angie Pepper
Perth punk
The Pits
Plays With Marionettes
Positive Hatred
Primitive Calculators
"Queensland In Quarantine"
Quick & the Dead
Hugo Race
Radio Birdman
Rah Rah The Flag
Riverina Playboys
Ron Rude
Rose Tattoo
Sacred Cowboys
Salamander Jim
Sardine v
Scapa Flow
Scattered Order
Screaming Tribesmen
Sekret Sekret
Severed Heads
Sick Things
Silent Type
"Sound Of Sydney"
Spare Change
The Spell
Split Enz
Spy v. Spy
Strange Idols
Strange Tenants
Sunday Painters
Tame O'Mearas
Tch Tch Tch / Tsk Tsk Tsk
Terminal Twist
Terse Tapes
These Cars Collide
These Immortal Souls
Thought Criminals
Louis Tillett
Tombstone Hands
Toy Love
Triffids / David McComb
The 2 Johnnies
various artists
Violet Lightning
Dave Warner From The Suburbs
Wet Taxis
"Who Owns The Chocolate Bar"
Wild West
Wildlife Documentaries
World War XXIV
Xero / Xiro
XL Capris
Ya Ya Choral
Young Charlatans
Young Docteurs
Young Modern

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Commercially available compilation CDs
"AK-79" (New Zealand 1979)
Flying Nun Records/Propeller Records
Suburban Reptiles, Scavengers, Terrorways, Proud Scum, Swingers, Primmers, Toy Love, Spelling Mistakes.
"Alternative Animals" CD-ROM/CD
Shock Records
An interactive documentary on the Australian punk scene 1976-79 plus 15 track CD
The Saints, Radio Birdman, Babeez, Leftovers, Boys Next Door, Psycho Surgeons, Rocks, Manikins, Lipstick Killers, Chosen Few, Whirlywirld, Orphans, X.
"Behind The Banana Curtain" 2CD
A Collection Of 41 Brisbane Bands
4ZZZ FM 1975-2000
includes:-  The Saints, The Go-Betweens, Razar, The Leftovers, The Riptides, The Apartments, The Fun Things, Xero, Brisbane Blacks - Mop & the Dropouts, The Vampire Lovers, Mystery of Sixes, The Colours, Screaminmg Tribesmen, Love's é Blur, President's Eleven, The Parameters, La Fetts, Post No Bills, Ups and Downs, The Pineapples From the Dawn of Time.
"Born Out Of Time - The Australian Indie Sound 1979-88"
Raven Records
Radio Birdman, Lipstick Killers, La Femme, The Visitors, The Hitmen, Minutemen, New Race, Scientists, The Screaming Tribesmen, Hoodoo Gurus, Beasts Of Bourbon, Angie Pepper, The Celibate rifles, Died Pretty, The New Christs, The Lime Spiders, The Eastern Dark, The Stems, The Hard-Ons, The Psychotic Turnbuckles, The Lizzard Train, The Exploding White Mice.
"Can't Stop It! - Australian Post Punk 1978-82"
Chapter Music
The Moodists, Voigt 465, The Take, Essendon Airport, The Apartments, Ash Wednesday, Primitive Calculators, (Makers Of) The Dead Travel Fast, Ron Rude, Xero, The Limp, The Fabulous Marquises, The Slugfuckers, Equal Local, Tame Omearas, The Particles, People With Chairs Up Their Noses, Wild West, The Pits, Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.
"Do The Pop! The Australian Garage-Rock Sound 1976-87" 2CD
Shock Records
The Saints, Radio Birdman, The Psycho Surgeons, The Victims, Johnny Kannis, The Hitmen, The Lipstick Killers, The Visitors, The Passengers, The Scientists, The Fun Things, The Sunnyboys, The New Christs, New Race, The Celibate Rifles, Le Hoodoo Gurus, Minuteman, The Lime Spiders, The Screaming Tribesmen, Died Pretty, Decline Of The Reptiles, The Eastern Dark, The Expldeing White Mice, The Hard-Ons, The Psychotic Turnbuckles, The Stems, The Someloves, The Philisteins, The Headstones.
"Go And Do It - The Aberrant Compilations 1977-1985" 2CD
The Kelpies, Positive Hatred, Queen Anne's Revenge, World War XXIV, Vellocette, Box Of Fish, What?!!, Rocks, Suicide Squad, Exserts, Vigil-Anti, Happy Hate Me Nots, Wrong Kind Of Stone Age, Itchy Rat, Johnny Dole & The Scabs, X, Beggars Court, The Hard-Ons, Bedspreads, XL Capris, feedtime, Local Product.
"Inner City Sound Australian Punk & Post-Punk" (1977-1989, 2005) 2CD
Laughing Outlaw
Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Sacred Cowboys, Wet Taxis, Seems Twice, Saints, Leftovers, Last Words, Razar, Thought Criminals, XL Capris, Manikins, Boys Next Door, Young Charlatans, Young Modern, Triffids, Sekret sekret, Surfside 6, Voigt/465, Tactics, Whirlywirld, Primitive Calculators, Systematics, Super-K, New christs, *** ***, Black Assassins, Lonely Hearts, Equal Local, Laughing Clowns, Poles, Scientists, Birthday Party, Go Betweens, Sunday Painters, Essendon Airport, Severed Heads, Machinations, Sardine, X, Hunters & Collectors, End, Plug Uglies, Apartments, Lighthouse Keepers,  Killer Sheep, David Chesworth.
"The Missing Link Story" (1977-1982)
Missing Link Records through International Trash.
The Bleeding Hearts, Man & Machine, Whirlywirld, Laughing Clowns, The Go-Betweens, Tuff Monks, Marching Girls, The Ears, Equal Local, La Femme, The News, Peter Lillie, International Exiles, The Dynamic Hepnotics, The Kevins, Ian Stephen, The Crackajacks, North To Alaskans.
"Real Wild Child! - Australian Rock Music & Culture 1950s-90s" CD-ROM
Pacific Advanced Media
"Shakedown! Original Brisbane Punk 1978-83" (CD)
compiling all 7'' from Just Urbain, Young Identities, Bodysnatchers, Kicks, Section Urbaine
"Ska Skank Down Under! vol.1"
Australian Ska 1980-1990
Sound System <>
includes:- Strange Tenants, The Leftovers, The Jumpers, The Allniters, Itchy Feet, Furious Turtles, Club Ska, Off The Shelf, Naughty Rhythms, Lonee Tunes, The Funaddicts, The 88's, No Nonsense.
"Tales From The Australian Underground - Singles 1976-1989" 2CD
Feel Presents
Radio Birdman, The Saints, The Victims, The Riptides, Psycho Surgeons, The Leftovers, La Femme, The Scientists, Numbers, Tactics, Lipstick Killers, Fun Things, The Passengers, The Visitors, The Birthday Party, Laughing Clowns, Flaming Hands, Sunnyboys, Sekret Sekret, Pel Mel, Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast, Sardine v, Do Re Mi, The Moodists, The Triffids, X, Lighthouse Keepers, The Moffs, Died Pretty, The Eastern Dark, The New Christs, Ups 7 Downs, Ed Kuepper, Bamboos, Wet Taxis, Thug, Venom P. Stinger, God, The Mark Of Cain, Someloves, The Celibate Rifles, Cosmic Psychos, Plunderers, Hard-Ons.
"Tales From The Australian Underground - Vol.2: 1977-1990" 2CD
Feel Presents
Radio Birdman, The Saints, Teenage Radio Stars, The Thought Criminals, Boys Next Door, The Hitmen, SPK, Little Murders, The Riptides, Seems Twice, The Singles, Shy Imposters, Tactics, Surfside Six, The Birthday Party, Machinations, Dropbears, The Particles, Minuteman, Sacred Cowboys, Sardine v, Severed Heads, Laughing Clowns, Hoodoo Gurus, Scientists, Sekret Sekret, The Triffids, The Screaming Tribesmen, Salamander Jim, Lime Spiders, David Vigin, Inner Sleeves, Tall Tales & True, Toys Went Berserk, Ollie Olsen, Primitive Calculators, feedtime, Happy Hate Me Nots, The Stems, The Hummingbirds, Widdershins, Died Pretty, Proton Energy Pills, Kim Salmon, Ed Kuepper.
"Murder Punk vol. 1" (1977-1980)
The Victims, Razar, Suicide Squad, The Babeez, Thought Criminals, Psycho Surgeons, The Scientists, The Chosen Few.
"Murder Punk vol. 2" (1978-1980)
The News, Razar, The Scientists, Fun Things, leftovers, The Vicitms, Thought Criminals.


Recommended web sites:
[ Sydney's Post-Punk Bands ]

Sydney's Post-punk bands. This features No Night Sweats, Voigt/465, Wild West, The Slugfuckers, The Tame O'Mearas, The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast and The Limp. From someone who was in amongst it. Absolutely essential to check this out.
1982-2000 | M SQUARED | T-SPACE

This page is organised to link to the restoration of the Ya Ya Choral archives. From one of the people that brought us M squared records.
Early Punk Brisbands
Brisbane punk bands from 1977-82. Lots of onfo on The Black Assassins, Kicks, The Pits, Pork, This 5 Minutes, Tex Deadly plus more.
 Version 6.4 - May 2000
Fantastic and almost absolute reference for Australian Punk Rock. 
Check this out.
Dedicated to documenting the Australian Music Industry. Publishing books about Australian pop and rock music. A site by one of the authors of the essential "Who's Who Of Australian Rock", Chris Spencer.
Excellent site looking at the History of Melbourne Punk with a Directory from 1977-1991 and a great Punk fanzine/CD focusing on current Australian independent, punk, thrash, hardcore, underground & alternative.
An excellent visual referrence source for the printed cover of so many great Australian singles & lps.
Wild About You!
A Tribute to the Australian Rock Underground 1963-68
This is a ëwork in progressí dedicated to Australasian (i.e. Australian and New Zealand) popular music and popular culture between the years 1964 and 1975. It is a great resource site, heaps of info.
Check out Radio Birdman & related stuff.
The definitive RB bootleg list, and a great reference and info site.
Great site to drop by for a beer and a browse through great Oz music and related bands info.
Definitive source for live recordings of the Go-Betweens
Excellent rock & punk search engine. Links to all great music sites.
The Mission: The proliferation of high quality recordings of live musical performances. As of this moment there are 7,817 traders of 4,869 different artists listed.

if you know of another Australian music site worthy of a listing, send me the details and why they are so good and I'll gladly add it here.

Recommended Shops, both hard space and on-line
Welcome to the World's largest music catalog!
11 million items from 4,000 sellers
You have to see this to believe this. If you're trying to find something, it's here.
Oz Music Collectables Rare Records and Out of Print Compact DiscsDealing in good old collectable vinyl and out of print cds. With the inclusion of new Aussie Indie releases to follow soon. Pushing the Australian artist product.
Tronador Music. The little label making big noise in Brazil. Compiling and issueing great Australian music, both old and new, for Brazilian and international sales.
Vicious Sloth Collectibles Great web site and able to track down hard to get vinyl & CDs. Good people.
Augogo Records. Excellent retail outlet, okay site with some great Australian vinyl.
Dixons: buy and sell CDs, Vinyl records, (LPs, 45s, 12", 7"), Specialising in mainstream to Rock, Pop, heaps of Aust. stuff and great service from good people.
NKVD RECORDS is a label founded as an offshoot of Noise For Heroes, the long running fanzine covering punk, garage and power pop music from around the world, and especially covering underdog bands that you donít hear of elsewhere. Great source for Aust. music
Australian Music Books. selling books and music, specializing in publications about contemporary Australian and New Zealand music, along with a wide range of music and other books (both new and secondhand)
Rocking Horse Queensland's largest and oldest independent record store. Within this site you'll find large selections of import, indie and local CD's, vinyl, vast hordes of used, rare and obscure CD's , vinyl and memorabilia.
Living Eye Records are a long established Australian mail order firm dealing in out-of-print and collectable vinyl records, CDs and other music and film memorabilia.
Conniption Mail order site offering a great selection of good Aust. music.
Vinyl Solution on-line suppliers of music in every genre from rock to punk, country to easy; and every format from 78s to 45s, from LPs to CDs.
Music Experts. Heaps of potential, could be a great service tracking down your wants. You can find their auction items at
Citadel Records Good web site, lots of excellent Aust. music both past and present available by fast and reliable mail order. Highly recommended.
TimeWarp Records. Some good auction lists
Red Eye Records retail. The shop that tries to stock everything all the time and just about succeeds. Has lots of Australian stuff. Worth a visit
Half A Cow Records. Some great Australian bands on this label, available through their site.
Egg Records. Email contact for your wants, also have items for auction at

if you know of another Aust. music shop worthy of a listing, send me the details and why they are so good and I'll gladly add it here.

good read:
"Inner City Sound" author Clinton Walker 1982 republished 2005. The definitive reference source for indie/alternative music from this time. Excellent discography. Time span 1975-'84.

"The Secret History of Australian Independent Music 1977-91" author Clinton Walker 1996. Great book, again from this author. Highly recommended. Definitive Indie label discography.

"Radio Birdman" author Vivien Johnson 1990. For every fan of this band and the music of the time. A great read.

"The Encyclopedia of Australian Rock & Pop" author Ian McFarlane 1999. A good reference source for a lot of band activity. It is what the title says. Time span 1950s to 1997.

"Who's Who of Australian Rock" compiled by Chris Spencer, Zbig Nowara & Paul McHenry. An almost definitive reference source, almost.

"Glad All Over -The Countdown Years 1974-'87" author Peter Wilmoth. For those who were there, a funny read, do yourself a favour.....

If you are interested in what you see, contact me.

This site is a fan site, set up to trade and swap tapes & CDs only. None of these titles are for sale.